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Environmental Policy

Reeman Constructions is committed to reducing the impact of its operations on the environment. We acknowledge that as a service organisation we can minimise the negative impact of the following on construction projects:

  • Land disturbance – erosion, contaminated stormwater, de-watering site, dust control and management of stockpiles

  • Noise and vibration – operating hours, vehicles and equipment, traffic, noise abatement and vibration management

  • Waste minimisation

  • Storage of chemicals and fuel

  • Road cleaning

Quality Policy

The key principles underpinning our Quality policy are:

  • Individual acceptance of personal accountability and responsibility for consistently delivering agreed services

  • Making every effort to follow all agreed customer requirements and all statutory and regulatory requirements related to the service being offered

  • Continual monitoring and reporting of all agreed service quality and performance indicators

  • Recognition of individuals who demonstrate excellence or innovation in service delivery

Health and Safety Policy

The key principles underpinning our Health and Safety policy are:

  • The Health and Safety of those who work either directly or indirectly for Reeman Constructions is of the utmost importance to Senior Management and it is our goal to continually improve Health and Safety performance within the business

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