Environmental Policy

Reeman Constructions is committed to reducing the impact of its operations on the environment. We acknowledge that as a service organisation we can minimise the negative impact of the following on construction projects:

  • Land disturbance – erosion, contaminated stormwater, de-watering site, dust control and management of stockpiles

  • Noise and vibration – operating hours, vehicles and equipment, traffic, noise abatement and vibration management

  • Waste minimisation

  • Storage of chemicals and fuel

  • Road cleaning

Quality Policy

The key principles underpinning our Quality policy are:

  • Individual acceptance of personal accountability and responsibility for consistently delivering agreed services

  • Making every effort to follow all agreed customer requirements and all statutory and regulatory requirements related to the service being offered

  • Continual monitoring and reporting of all agreed service quality and performance indicators

  • Recognition of individuals who demonstrate excellence or innovation in service delivery